Reflections on the Little Compton Garden Club on its 90th Anniversary
by Libby Moore

Little Compton Garden Center

Little Compton Garden Center circa 1930

The Little  Compton Garden Club was founded in June of 1924 by a group of women who shared an interest in beautification projects, teaching children about horticulture and holding flower shows. My paternal great-grandmother and other ancestors of current members were part of this group.

The original group drew in best friends and relatives to join the club.  They were such a large club that the Garden Club of American declined them membership.  Imagine having such a problem today! It wasn’t until 1952 that the Little Compton Garden Club was allowed to join the Garden Club of America.

The earliest members of the Garden Club initiated involvement in beautification projects throughout Little Compton, horticulture and flower shows. The Club also opened its own garden center where classes were held for children as well as for educating both farmers and gardeners about best gardening practices.

In 1930 the Little Compton Garden Club was honored by being given the Best Garden Center in the Country Award!  During the World War II the activities of the club were limited due to the restriction on gasoline, so the Garden Center concentrated on such activities as home canning.

During the 1950’s my maternal grandmother was instrumental in running the Garden Center.  One of their activities was selling 50 pound bags of buckwheat hulls to raise money.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s the Club continued to hold house and garden tours, maintain gardens around town, enter flower shows and beautify the town.  I remember Mrs. Haffenreffer paying me for picking up litter around town when I was a young teenager!

The Little Compton Garden Club continues the work that our founding members started in 1924.