2018 Wreath Making Workshop

Fast approaching, is one of the activities that is most favored by our members  —  that is, holiday wreath making with the 6th graders at Wilbur McMahon School.  It’s a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season and is one of the few joint efforts we have with the Sogkonates.  You will recall that the students will be making all of the wreaths that adorn the Village, as well as making a wreath to take home. 

It is VERY important that we have full participation of our Club.  PLEASE sign up for either one or both days.  The schedule is as follows:

Thursday, November 29 at 9:30 –(RAIN DATE WED. NOVEMBER 28)   Greens cutting at Bettyann and George Crowell’s.  Bring your clippers and work with others in cutting the greens down to “wreath-size”.  

Friday, November 30, 10:15-12:15 — Making the wreaths at the school.  Bring your clippers and help the a student create their own “original” wreaths and then deliver & hang the wreath with that student at one of the Town locations. 


PLEASE NOTE:  School security requires that we all receive clearances to work with the students at the Wilbur & McMahon School. Please do not be daunted by the process.  It is very, very simple and takes little time to complete. outlining here what everyone needs to do to gain access to

The easiest way, to complete the process is to:

1. Go to the Police Department with your license on a weekday before 3 PM and complete the required form and Disclaimer the dispatcher gives you per his instructions. He will notarize your signature, this is new – he wasn’t a Notary Public in the past, have the Police Chief do the background check while you wait (mine took 5 minutes) and give you a signed letter from the Police Chief, or tell you to come back for it later if the Police Chief is preoccupied or unavailable. You will then bring the letter to school for filing. When you want to go beyond the front office, for example to help with wreath making, you’ll need to have your license scanned so make sure you have it with you.

Another way to secure your letter from the Police Chief is:

2.  After 3 PM, you can leave your completed and notarized form with a copy of your license at the Police Dept. to have the Chief complete the background check the next day or so. You would have downloaded the form (attached), or gone to the School or Police Dept. to get the form, completed – your name goes in the blank spaces on line 1 & 2 of the Disclaimer – but not signed it (the Notary Public will help you fill it out correctly), and had your signature notarized, you’ll need your license, at the School before 3 or Town Hall before 3:45 before dropping it off at the Police Dept. Subsequently, you should call the dispatcher at 635-2311 to make sure the letter has been completed before going to pick it up. You will need your license to gain entrance to the school the day of Wreath Making.

Please feel free to email or call HEATHER at 635-2081 if you have any questions,