The Coastal Gardens of Little Compton Tour is postponed to June 2022

The mission of the Little Compton Garden Club is to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening, and to work with its members to protect, preserve and enhance the character of its unique seaside community.

The Club was founded in 1924 by a group of women with a passion for gardening, horticulture and conservation. The LCGC became a member of the Garden Club of America in 1952 and shares its goals to protect and preserve our environment, as well as to create awareness of existing environmental challenges that need to be addressed.

Little Compton Garden Club members are actively involved in the beautification of the Little Compton area. Ongoing civic projects include caring for the window boxes of Town Hall, the Community Center and Brownell Library. We installed and maintain the herb gardens at the Little Compton Historical Society and Angela’s Memorial Garden, behind the Wilbur McMahon School. Our outreach projects include connecting school children to nature by creating wreaths from natural materials that are used to decorate local buildings and introducing urban youth to the treasures of Little Compton’s natural preserves.